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The “Village Street Food” catering event is actually to integrate the traditional buffet into the special temple fair.

With the open space, you can enjoy the fun, participation, selectivity, richness, popular science and freedom of the special catering event.

Have fun in the hot spring town: Village street food have a new proposition, unlike the traditional buffet, you don’t have to go back to your dining seat to enjoy the food. Enjoy the food while walking is more fun!

Shops of all sizes are spread all over the area, most of the food are produced on-site. Waiting the food produced is also a realm.

During the period, many entertainment events are waiting for you. Listen to the foreign singers softly singing to ease yourself. The peddlers bawls their wares in the street. And the highlight activity is "Tai Gong Fen Zhu Rou", a Chinese traditional allusion. Village street food, worth a try!

At different seasons, the village street food will be integrated into different themes, from the atmosphere of the scene to the production of food will be updated.

We have already held the “Christmas New Year”, “New Year”, “Spring and Happiness”, “Pure Oxygen Holiday” and other themed “village street food” catering activities, which are very popular among tourists.